A Hitchhikers Guide to the GLXY

31 August 2016

First things first – welcome to the new website, and welcome to our blog! We can’t promise this will be frequently updated, but we thought it’d be great to have a place where we could share our thoughts on all things Drum & Bass/music/life. We can’t promise we’ll have anything of value to say, but we can promise that it will 100% honest and of the times. There’s a lot to be said so lets get down to it.

A long time ago in a GLXY far far away…

You’ve probably heard/seen in previous interviews that we both studied at the University of Leicester together – Jon reading Chemistry & Tom reading Biochemistry. During that time we were both heavily involved in the DJ society and used to rinse a lot of d33p hau5 at student nights when that was a thing. Prior to the cheeky Nandos gang turning up we used to warm up with a bit of dnb and that’s where the whole GLXY thing began.

A bit about – JC/Jon/Jonathan

Before linking up with Tom I was very much in the “bedroom dubstep producer” mould, except probably worse then everyone else! Case in point:

^^Probably the worst track ever written.

My musical journey really began long before that. Growing up in a very musical family, I picked up a guitar from the age of 6 or 7 and kinda stuck with it, granted I have a lot less time to play it now. We’re actually yet to write a track with some guitars featuring too, maybe we’re missing a trick there…

In terms of influences I definitely owe some of my style to my dad, a keen listener of all things jazz and soul. I myself am a huge hip hop fan and going back into the old iTunes library you’d find a fair amount of rock and R&B in there too.

I think I first really got into Drum & Bass in around year 11ish, a friend of mine Bluetooth’d me some High Contrast (miss those days of Bluetooth file transfer) and sort of went from there! Got a pair of turntables and my first dnb vinyl which was High Contrast – High Society. Around that time, a small duo known a Chase & Status were starting to make waves and about a year later they dropped the legendary “More Than A lot” LP. From that point I was sold really, just never got round to making it myself.

Fast forward to that horrendous dubstep track known only as “Project 1”. I downloaded my first cracked copy of FL Studio (Classic move) and watched a few YouTube tutorials on WOBBLE BASS, and I was set. I was already in my own mind the best producer of all time, funny now looking back!

P.S. Still maintain that this was a banger though

A bit about – Tom/Alston

Just like Jon I was on the bedroom dubstep producer hype at the age of about 15. I had a copy of Cubase from school but that was way too complex for my teen brain when all I wanted was Massive and some torrented Vengeance samples. The biggest fruit of my labour was definitely this game changing “official remix” A.K.A horrendous bootleg of a Youtube converted mp3..

Before these glory days, I picked up playing the sax when I was about 10 and played it for a good 8 years – I was no Kamazi Washington but it gave me a good musical foundation and exposed me to a lot of jazz music. This undoubtedly influences the GLXY sound nowadays especially with Jon having Jazz backgrounds as well.

In terms of actually becoming interested in electronic music, I was definitely inspired by the likes of Fatboy Slim and Basement Jaxx. Then towards the end of secondary school (14/15 ish) I heard Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by High Contrast which opened up the whole world of Hospital records and things escalated quickly from there. [Me & Jon have really similar paths in to discovering dnb it’s a bit weird.. .]

After getting in to dnb I used to doss around in music lessons making ideas on cheap school PCs which led on to getting my own home setup. Believe it or not, at the same time of that diabolical LMFAO remix I also had my first official drum & bass release around this time on the German label Soul Bros. Records – I was only 16 my parents had to sign the contract.

GLXY to date

We’ve had a pretty crazy year to be honest! Our first release was last May and if you had told us then that we would have played a couple of Hospitality’s, officially remixed London Elek, Submotion Orchestra and were about to drop a 4 track EP on Spearhead records we obviously would have thought you were deluded. Alas, here we are! Safe to say we’re pretty stocked and cannot wait to see what lays ahead. And, as always, big ups for everyone who has support us so far, peace.